Plastic Busters Second Meeting


 Meeting agenda

June 27

Arrival at Certosa di Pontignano

16:30 – 20:00: Registration

20:00: Dinner at Pontignano

June 28

8:30: Departure from Pontignano to Talamone (South Tuscany coast) by bus. 

10:30: Arrival at Talamone upon arrival demo activity on the Tuscan coast to get closer to the marine litter issue and the activities of the partners involved in the project.

Demo activity by boat:

  • Microplastics sampling
  • Microplastics characterization
Demo activity at the Talamone sea turtles rescue center
  • Welcome in the “Maremma Natural Park”
  • The sea turtles rescue center
  • Protocol to detect marine litter in living/stranded organisms
  • Protocol to detect toxicological responses in living/stranded organisms

17:00: Departure from Talamone to Pontignano

20:30: Dinner at Pontignano – Welcome by the University of Siena Rector, Prof. Francesco Frati.

June 29

 8:30 – 9:00: Registration

9:00 – 9:15: Welcoming words

Angelo Riccaboni, Simone Cresti, University of Siena, SDSN-Mediterranean, Italy

9:15 -9:50: Plastic Busters: state of the project

Plastic Busters spot video

Introduction by:

Maria Cristina Fossi, University of Siena, Italy PDF

Holger Kuhle, UN-SDSN/GIZ, France

Alessandra Sensi, Secretariat UfM, Spain PDF

 9:50 – 11:15: Effects of marine litter on Mediterranean marine life: A monitoring protocol based on bioindicator organisms

Chairperson: Maria Cristina Fossi and Silvia Casini, University of Siena, Italy


  • State of art on litter ingestion by Mediterranean marine organisms
  • Selection criteria for the choice of sentinel species
  • The threefold monitoring approach to detect marine litter ingestion and related impact in bio-indicator organisms
  • Bioindicator selection strategy in relation to habitat and home range


University of Siena- Maria Cristina Fossi PDF, Silvia Casini, Matteo Baini PDF

ISPRA-Teresa Romeo, Cristina Pedà PDF

IEO-Monserrat Compa Ferrer PDF

HCMR-Catherine Tsangaris PDF

Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle-Francoise Claro PDF

UNEP/MAP-Christos Ioakeimidis PDF

 11:15 – 11:35: Coffee break

 11:35 – 12:20: Panel discussion on the protocol, gaps and future developments

Chairperson: Christos Ioakeimidis, UNEP/MAP, Greece


University of Siena-Maria Cristina Fossi, Silvia Casini, Matteo Baini

ISPRA-Teresa Romeo, Cristina Pedà

IEO-Monserrat Compa Ferrer

HCMR-Catherine Tsangaris

Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle-Francoise Claro

12:20 – 13:30: Prevention and mitigation measures

Chairperson: Thomais Vlachogianni, MIO-ECSDE/SWIM-H2020 SM


Italian Ministry of Environment Territory and Sea-Roberto Giangreco PDF

UNEP/MAP-Christos Ioakeimidis PDF

MIO-ECSDE/SWIM-H2020 SM-Thomais Vlachogianni PDF

SCP/RAC-Enrique de Villamore PDF

ISOTECH-Demetra Petsa PDF

13:30 – 14:30: Lunch break

14:30 – 15:45: Overview/Inputs on marine litter from the Southern Mediterranean countries

Chairperson: Holger Kuhle, UN-SDSN/GIZ and Alessandra Sensi, UfM Secretariat


Regional Expert -Anis Ismail PDF

Israel, Ministry of Environmental Protection-Fred Arzoine PDF

Lebanon, Ministry of Environment-Ahmad Damaj PDF

Morocco- State Secretariat for Sustainable Development-Abid Abdeslam PDF

 15:45 – 16:00: Coffee break

 16:00 – 17:30: Potential funding opportunities, Links to partner projects and programs

Chairperson: Alessandra Sensi, Secretariat UfM and Holger Kuhle, UN-SDSN/GIZ


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation-Grammenos Mastrojeni

INTERREG MED Programme, European Territorial Cooperation-Francesca Marcato PDF

EU Funded Integrated Maritime Policy-Med Facility-Lothar Schillak PDF


H2020 and SWIM support mechanism-Anis Ismail PDF

Legambiente-Giorgio Zampetti PDF

18:00: Departure from Pontignano to Siena to attend the Palio “prima prova”

21:00: Social Dinner in Siena at “Palazzo del Rettorato”

23:00:  Departure from Siena to Pontignano

June 30


 9:15 – 10:10: Outputs of the meeting

Chairperson: Alessandra Sensi, Secretariat UfM, Spain and Holger Kuhle, UN-DSN/GIZ, France

  • Open Discussion on the main outputs and inputs from day 1 and 2 and future strategy
  • The Plastic Busters position paper

10:10- 11:00: Plastic Buster’s: partners discussion on fundraising strategy (Part I)

Chairperson: Maria Cristina Fossi, University of Siena and Alessandra Sensi, Secretariat UfM,

Wrap up presentation on fundraising opportunities – Manolo Clar, UfM, Spain PDF

MED Programme

CBC Programme

Call of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Links to other ML ongoing projects

11:00 – 11:30: Coffee break

11:30 – 13:00: Plastic Buster’s: partners discussion on fundraising strategy (Part II)

(discussion – continued)

13:00- 13:10: Closing session

Holger Kuhle, UN-SDSN/GIZ,

Maria Cristina Fossi, University of Siena, Italy

13:10: Lunch

Organizing committee

Cristina Fossi, Silvia Casini, Ilaria Caliani, Cristina Panti, Matteo Baini- University of Siena, SDSN-MED, Italy

Holger Kuhle, UN-SDSN/GIZ, France

Alessandra Sensi, Secretariat UfM, Spain 

Conference Secretariat

Giuliana Pasquini – University of Siena, Italy


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