In 2016, Plastic Busters became one of the 14 projects labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean in the category “Water & Environment”. For the Plastic Busters Initiative, being awarded this label means gaining a fantastic visibility among all the actors of the Mediterranean area, as well as the prestige of being associated with a renowned international organization. It also attests that Plastic Busters contributes to enhance cooperation, integration, peace and sustainable development in the Mediterranean region. UfM-labelled projects have demonstrated added value and complementarity to existing efforts and initiatives, coherent with local, national, and regional strategies, and include effective community engagement and stakeholders consultations. They follow participatory processes ensuring partnership and synergies with relevant organizations and institutions in the field.

The UfM label is attributed to regional cooperation projects by the unanimous endorsement of the 42 UfM countries through their country representatives – meaning that the project promoter gains the support of these countries, easing the mobilization of partners, governments and stakeholders support and of funds, through the UfM strong network of donors and financial institutions, from the Mediterranean region and beyond.

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