Exposure to virgin and marine incubated microparticles of biodegradable and conventional polymers modulates the hepatopancreas transcriptome of Mytilus galloprovincialis

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Oceanographic and anthropogenic variables driving marine litter distribution in Mediterranean protected areas: Extensive field data supported by forecasting modelling

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Trophic niche influences ingestion of micro- and mesoplastics in pelagic and demersal fish from the Western Mediterranean Sea

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Microplastic occurrence and phthalate ester levels in neuston samples and skin biopsies of filter-feeding megafauna from La Paz Bay (Mexico)

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Detection of anthropogenic fibres in marine organisms: Knowledge gaps and methodological issues

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Microplastic abundance and biodiversity richness overlap: Identification of sensitive areas in the Western Ionian Sea

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Microplastics induce transcriptional changes, immune response and behavioral alterations in adult zebrafish

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Microplastics occurrence in edible fish species (Mullus barbatus and Merluccius merluccius) collected in three different geographical sub-areas of the Mediterranean Sea

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