ECS 2017 workshop “Marine litter: an emerging cause of concern for marine mammals”

Prof. Maria Cristina Fossi, Dr. Cristina Panti and Dr. Matteo Baini, members of the Plastic Busters team, organized the workshop “Marine litter: an emerging cause of concern for marine mammals” during the European Cetacean Society (ECS) conference 2017 in Middelfart, Denmark. The main aim of the workshop was to explore the emerging issue of the impact of marine litter on several marine mammal species, combining a series of presentations focused on current knowledge on the topic, discuss on different methodologies and approaches to face the issue. It represented an opportunity for exchange and discussion to highlight current knowledge gaps.

Plastic Busters meeting on biondicator species for marine litter in the Med

Plastic Busters scientistis involved in WP2 met in Siena on 16-17 February 2017 to discuss about the current state of knowledge on marine litter impact on Mediterranean biodiversity.

During the meeting partners have discussed to identify and propose the best suitable bioindicator species for monitoring marine litter effects,to explore the best tecniques to detect presence and effects on organisms (for an harmonized protocol) and discuss about future perspectives on the issue of marine litter.

The outcomes of the meeting will be presented in the Plastic Busters meeting in a multilanguage version.

Plastic busters on sky tg 24

 Sky has decided to spearhead the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign to tackle the overwhelming amount of plastic pollution threatening our seas.

Prof. Maria Cristina Fossi and other members of the Plastic Busters team were interviewed by Sky TG24 Italy to show the impact of plastic litter on organisms that live in the Mediterranean Sea


Video 1                                                                                                               Video 2