SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting

Professor Maria Cristina Fossi will organize and participate at the  SETAC 2018 special session “8.02 Harmful effects of plastic litter and mitigation strategies in the Mediterranean Sea“. This special session envisages to showcase the Mediterranean answer to the global problem of marine litter and as such share experience on how Academy, Industry, Governance actors and different key regional stakeholders in their various capacities can work together in a coordinated manner to address Mediterranean marine litter management.

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New paper “Microplastics: No Small Problem for Filter-Feeding Megafauna”

Researchers from the US, Australia and Italy, in a study published in in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution, looked at data on threats to large filter feeders from microplastics.


Microplastic pollution can impact filter-feeding marine megafauna, namely mobulid rays, filter-feeding sharks, and baleen whales. Emerging research on these flagship species highlights potential exposure to microplastic contamination and plastic-associated toxins. Research and its wide communication are needed to understand the magnitude of the issue and improve marine stewardship.

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Connective Cities Webinar: Ban on the Use, Production and Sale of Plastic Bags

The 6th Connective Cities Webinar on Solid Waste Management in 2017 concerns the topic Ban on the Use, Production and Sale of Plastic Bags and takes place on Wednesday, 6th December 2017. The webinar will focus on the ban on plastic bags introduced in Kenya as well as in many other countries in Africa and the world. The discussion will explore the issues resulting from plastic bags; the enforcement, the challenges and the benefits of the ban as well as its’ effects on different economies.

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Second Meeting of the Regional Cooperation Platform on Marine Litter in the Mediterranean

Professor Maria Cristina Fossi will partecipate at the  second meeting of the Regional Cooperation Platform which will take place on 9-10 November 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. The meeting will review the progress achieved on the implementation of the Regional Plan on Marine Litter Management in the Mediterranean, along with the joint work plan of the Regional Cooperation Platform.




Plastic Busters at Ocean Plastics Lab Travelling Exhibition

The Ocean Plastics Lab is an exciting exhibition about science: It showcases the contribution of science to understand and combat the problem of plastics in the ocean. The exhibition is designed as a hands-on science lab, inviting visitors to assume the role of scientists and over the course of four consecutive containers explore the extent and impact of plastics in the ocean. Plastic busters members contributed to the DETECT impacts container setup.