Plastic Busters Cap publishes the training material of the Workshop “Monitoring marine litter in environment and biodiversity”

On line the training materials (pdf presentation) of the workshop “Monitoring Marine Litter in Environment and biodiversity”, held in Manfredonia on 13-14 July 2022, organized by University of Siena and Legambiente (Italy) to capitalize the methodologies to tackle marine litter, in cooperation with COMMON project.

Two days of intense work and discussion with theoretical and practical lessons with the representatives of the sea turtles rescue centers and managers of marine protected areas of the Mediterranean, the activities were directly implemented on the beach at sea and in laboratory.

Maria Cristina Fossi of University of Siena (Italy) presented Plastic Busters Cap project, its main goals and activities taking into consideration the capitalization and transferring of the results already achieved thanks to Plastic Busters MPAs, funded by Interreg MED programme and COMMON projects. She explained the aim of the Regional Training on harmonized Marine Litter monitoring protocols by focusing on the transfer  knowledge gained on harmonized marine litter monitoring approaches and methodologies to Marine Protected Areas managers, staff members of Sea-Turtle rescue centers, interested in developing skills on how to design an effective marine litter monitoring programme.

The training focused on the sampling and analysis of microlitter on marine species of commercial interest, the sampling and analysis of marine litter on sea turtles; the monitoring of floating macrolitter and microlitter sampling with manta net at sea.

The technical speeches on the workshop proceedings by University of Siena are available here:

  1. Introduction Training_Manfredonia_Fossi.pdf Prof. Cristina Fossi, University of Siena
  2. Floating Marine Litter Training Manfredonia.pdf Dott. Matteo Galli, University of Siena
  3. Beach Marine Litter Training Manfredonia.pdf Dott. Matteo Baini, University of Siena
  4. Fish ingestion training_Manfredonia.pdf Dott. Dario Giani, University of Siena
  5. Stranded sea turtles Manfredonia.pdf Dott.ssa Ilaria Caliani, University of Siena
  6. Sampling Starter Kit Manfredonia.pdf Dott. Matteo Baini, Dott.ssa Ilaria Caliani, University of Siena

The international workshop was co-organized by Legambiente and University of SienaUnion for the Mediterranean actively participated in the workshop as the projects’ partners Ciheam BariINSTM, the University of SousseTCNRAMWAJ, El Rames and the University of Jordan.