Plastic Busters CAP in Naples for the International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

Plastic Busters CAP takes part in the “International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea”, organized by the scientific community and stakeholders of the µMED in Naples (NA), Italy, from 25th to 28th September at the Partenope Congress Centre.

The µMED Conference is a key event on microplastic pollution, strengthening the previous experience. The Conference gathers experts from scientific and industrial communities, policy makers and environmental organizations. It is the occasion to update the state-of-the-art, to highlight the progresses, and to identify new and effective solutions to mitigate this environmental issue. In order to obtain a better knowledge of the microplastic pollution problem, the main topics of the III µMED Conference have been extended, covering a wide range of multidisciplinary fields, several environmental compartments, human health.

In this context, Professor Cristina Fossi of University of Siena presents the goal and the activities of Plastic Busters CAP and Common projects funded by Eni CBC Med Programme, and the previous project Plastic Buster MPAs, funded by Interreg Med Programme.

Plastic Busters CAP aims to coordinate the marine monitoring actions, which involves the harmonization of techniques for monitoring impacts on ecosystems and the coordination of mitigation and governance strategies at  regional and national level.