project campaign against microplastics

The researchers of the University of Siena, together with ISPRA researchers as part of the project are on board the oceanographic ship Astrea in order to monitor the presence of microplastics both on the sea surface and in the water column.
They explain that microplastics represent a threat to the marine environment like the larger waste.
The project (Monitoring, Census, Collection and Start-up for Recycling of Ghost Nets: fishermen as key players in the safeguard of the sea) aims to make a tangible contribution to solving the problem of floating waste deposited on the seabed, which is responsible for a direct and very serious environmental impact on the ecosystem and protected habitats and species.

See the video of project campaign against microplastics

The project is carried out both inside and outside the marine protected areas of Asinara Island and Capo Carbonara in Sardinia. The primary objective is to re-establish damaged marine habitats through concrete actions of waste removal (plastic waste, ghost nets, lost or abandoned fishing gear), actively involving fishermen and raising awareness on the issue through dissemination and dissemination activities. ISPRA is the project leader.