Matteo Galli is a post-doctoral fellow in the Biomarker Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Maria Cristina Fossi at the Department of Physical Sciences, Earth and Environment, University of Siena (Italy). The lab has a central position for research on marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea and a key role in the implementation of the EU MSFD at the national level (Descriptors 8 and 10). He received his PhD in Environmental, Geological and Polar Sciences and Technologies from the University of Siena in 2022 with a dissertation focused on the assessment of abundance and impacts of marine litter in Mediterranean organisms within the Plastic Busters MPAs Interreg Med Project. He has been a visiting fellow at the Instituto de Investigación Marina (INMAR) (Cadiz, Spain) collaborating with Prof. Andrés Cozar Cabañas in 2017. He has been involved in national and international research projects concerning the evaluation of marine litter presence and distribution in different ecological compartments of the Mediterranean Sea with special attention on the ecotoxicological implications related to litter ingestion in several organisms from invertebrates to marine mammal species. Recently, he has focused his research on plastic additive’s impacts and effects evaluation in several biological matrices through the Gas Chromatography – Mass-Spectrometry technique.