In line with the recommendations of the UfM Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Climate Change (May 2014) and the UfM Ministerial on Blue Economy (November 2015), the overall goal of the project is to effectively tackle the issue of marine litter in the Mediterranean.

Specific objectives are:

  • Address data needs and gaps on trends and impacts of marine litter, contributing to the establishment of cooperation with other relevant initiatives/projects implemented in the Mediterranean and elaboration of recommendations to facilitate effective policymaking at regional, national, local levels with regards to the reduction of marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Prevent and reduce marine litter through the implementation of concrete and specific no-regret measures to prevent and reduce marine litter in pilot areas. Joint activities with fishing communities (fishermen associations and fish farm) will aim to remove so-called ‘ghost fishing nets’ that can cause serious damage to marine environments as well as prevent and reduce marine litter overall.
  • Increase awareness and close knowledge gaps: by identifying hotspots of marine litter and pave the way for a regional integrated monitoring program and use findings and information to raise awareness.



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