Expected Results

  • A comprehensive assessment of the status (amounts, composition, impacts) of marine litter on Mediterranean environment and biota; including a GIS database;
  • A hotspot analysis/mapping of marine litter accumulation areas in the Mediterranean;
  • A set of comprehensive recommendations developed based on sound scientific evidence and findings to facilitate effective policymaking at regional, national, local levels with regards to the prevention, reduction and removal of marine litter at the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Strengthened involvement and participation of 50-60 regional marine litter experts in the development and/or application of harmonized monitoring methods and a network of partners and marine litter experts;
  • Several demonstration projects showcasing specific prevention and mitigation actions to prevent, reduce and remove marine litter at the Mediterranean Sea;
  • A comprehensive assessment of the status of implementation of the Regional Plan on Marine Litter and a package of updated measures to fully tackle marine litter towards a litter free Mediterranean;
  • Awareness campaigns carried out in at least 15 countries of the Mediterranean aiming to promote co-responsibility of all stakeholders towards tackling marine litter.



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