Plastic Busters in the sticker album “Amici Cucciolotti”

Plastic Busters project has been presented in a cartoon version in the sticker album “Amici Cucciolotti”  edited by Pizzardi Editore.

“To raise enjoying” is the motto of Pizzardi Editore, which is based on the awareness of the great educational value of the game. During the game, the child is favorably receptive and open to the acquisition of values and positive behavior patterns and ethically correct.

In the 2017 album four pages were dedicated to the marine litter and its impact on the marine organisms illustrating the Plastic Busters activity to investigate and mitigate this threat in the Mediterranean Sea. The “Amici Cucciolotti” is widely distributed in Italy  and it could be an instument to rise awareness on the marine litter topic in young generations and their family.

Go to the Plastic Busters dedicated web page


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