MIO-ECSDE-The Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development, is a non‐profit Federation of 128 Mediterranean Non‐Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for Environment and Development. Web Site



The MAP (Mediterranean Action Plan) is a regional cooperative effort involving 21 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the European Union. Web Site


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IFREMER ‐has been involved in the collection of data on macro‐litter and microplastics since 1994 in the Mediterranean, developing original methods to quantify floating debris based on the use of a wave‐glider. Web Site



HCMR has a large experience in collecting data on macro‐ and microplastics in the Med as well as on effects of microplastics on marine biota. It is legally bound to apply the WFD and the MSFD in Greece. Web Site



SOCIB is a large scale marine infrastructure, that provides streams of oceanographic data and modeling services (ocean currents and waves) to support operational oceanography in a EU MSFD. Web Site


ISPRA Bandiera

ISPRA – The Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Laboratory of Ichthyology and Marine ecology has a large experience on detecting the effects of marine pollution and marine litter on marine trophic webs and fisheries resources. Web Site



Biochemistry and Environmental Toxicology, Higher Institute of Agronomy, University of Sousse (TN) has a large experience on monitoring the effects of marine pollutants in marine organisms. Web Site




IWRS, Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia (SI)  is a leading professional body for the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD, 2008/56/EC) it is also leading the task on preparation of marine litter indicator and Marine Litter Watch development and promotion. Web Site


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CNR, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Consorzio Lamma (IT) has a large experience in developing model‐based products to establish, understand and predict the debris sources, circulation, and accumulation paths as well as their variability in time and space at different scales. Web Site


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ISOTECH – Environmental Research and Consultancy is one of the leading environmental companies in Cyprus. The firm has a dynamic involvement in environmental consulting and applied environmental research. Web Site

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Consorzio Mediterraneo (IT) has a large experience in Fishing for litter, targeted recovery of ghost nets & derelictfishing gear management. Web Site



ECNC Land & Sea Group (ES) has a large experience on the Circular economy approach – turning plastic marine litter into products. Web Site



University of Bologna (IT) has a large experience in Bioremediation and biodegradation processes of plastic polymers. Web Site



FispMed The association “International Federation for Sustainable Development and the Fight Against Poverty inthe Mediterranean‐Black Sea” ‐ FISPMED has over 224 partners in 39 different countries in the Euro‐Mediterranean and Black Sea, representing, therefore, more than 1.8 million citizens and citizens of the same basin area. Web Site

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